About Family

Reflective discussion questions

1. Why does Kais have such a strong attachment to Yemen?

Possible answers: He lived there for the first ten years of his life. Has a strong connection to family in Yemen.

2. Why does Kais think it is important for his American-born brothers to know how to speak Arabic?

Possible answer: He wants them to maintain ties to Yemeni Arab culture and heritage.

3. What difference does Kais see between Yemeni and American families?

Possible answer: Yemenis tend not to leave home so quickly when they become young adults.

4. Do you think the Yemeni American youths will maintain their close family ties once they leave their homes?

Comparative questions and activities

1. Make a list of the family traditions that your parents or ancestors brought from another country that you most treasure? Why are these so important to you?

2. Write a story from your childhood about a time you learned of a tradition originating from a country your parents or ancestors emigrated from.

3. Write a persuasive essay on the following topic:

Is it important for the children of immigrants to know how to speak the language of their parents and ancestors? Why?

4. Give an oral response to the following question:

Do you feel just as close to your ethnic heritage as the Yemeni youths feel to theirs?   Explain.

5. Are you as close to your family as the Yemeni American guys seem to be to theirs?

6. What family traditions would you like to pass down to future generations?

Methodology question

What do you think the interviewer asked the Yemeni youths to get them to talk about their families? Write two questions that could have been asked that led to the responses in the video. One of the questions should be open-ended (a question with no specific answer.) What would you ask them in order to get information not presented in the video?







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