About Food

   About Food

Reflective discussion questions

1. Whether born in Yemen or in the United States, the Yemeni American youths seem to prefer Yemeni food to American or other types of cuisines. Why?

Possible answers: They are used to eating Yemeni food at home, associate the food with loved ones, Yemeni food reinforces their cultural identity.

2. What are some of the favorite Yemeni foods featured in the video?

Possible answers: Kabsa (chicken, rice, and potatoes dish), Asid (cracked wheat that resembles mash potatoes with gravy).

3.Why are some dishes served at Elmer's different from similar items served at other restaurants?

Possible answers: Elmers doesnt serve pork, they use smoked beef to make bacon.

Comparative questions and activities

1. Make a list of favorite foods served at your home. Next to each dish indicate if the food would be considered “American food” or a food related to your ethnic heritage, e.g. Salvadorian, Chinese, Persian, etc.

2. Kais talks about a dish (Asid) that is considered a “poor man’s food.” Why is it called that? List some of the dishes in your culture that might fit this description? 

3. Pretend you are opening a restaurant in Yemen that serves your favorite “American” foods. Create a menu that includes five dishes you think Yemenis would like to eat. Next to each describe what is in the dish and why you think Yemenis would like it. Use your knowledge of American food and some research on the types of ingredients Yemenis like in their food.

4. Yemeni Americans seem to enjoy eating together and sharing their food with members of their extended family—aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Who sits at the dinner table in your house?

Methodology question

What do you think the interviewer asked the Yemeni American youths to get them to talk about food? Write two questions that could have been asked that led to the responses in the video. One of the questions should be open-ended (a question with no specific answer.) What would you ask them in order to get information not presented in the video?






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