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   About School

Reflective discussion questions

1. What role did family play in decisions made by the Yemeni American youths regarding their education?

Possible answer: Most decided to go to colleges nearby so they could be close to their families.

2. How did 9/11 affect their relationship with other students at their high school?

Possible answer: They were distrusted by non-Yemeni American students.

3. What made succeeding in high school difficult for the Yemeni American students?

Possible answer: They had to divide their time between work and school. As a result some were unable to participate in extracurricular activities.

4. Which do you think the Yemeni American youths value more: education or business?

Comparative discussion questions and activities

1. Rakan has regrets about not being able to participate in after-school sports. Imagine you are keeping a diary. Write down what you do on a typical day from the time you leave school until the time you go to sleep. Besides writing down your activities include how you feel about the way you spend this time. Would you rather be doing something else? What?

2. Do you value your education as much as the Yemeni American youths do?

3. Whenever possible the Yemeni American students spent time together at school. Do students at your school congregate with their own racial or ethnic groups or do they mix with other students? Write a short essay explaining the ethnic and racial composition of your school.

4. Write a persuasive essay on the following question:

Should schools make an effort to get racial and ethnic groups on campus to mix?

Methodology question

What do you think the interviewer asked the Yemeni youths to get them to talk about their school? Write two questions that could have been asked that led to the responses in the video. One of the questions should be open-ended (a question with no specific answer.) What would you ask them in order to get information not presented in the video?







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