Reflective discussion questions

1. What are the main reasons that make the Yemeni American youths in the video work so hard?

Possible answers: To support their families, to buy new things, to save for college.

2. What hardships did Ali experience when he worked in the fields? How was his experience different from his father’s?

Possible answers: He had to combine work and school, endure hot days, bending and reaching. When his father worked in the fields many Yemeni laborers were employed; years later, when he was working he was the only one. 

3. What does Abraham do with the money he earns at Elmer's?

Possible answer: He gives the money to his parents to save for college.

4. How does Rakan interact with his Hispanic customers? Why does this make his business successful?

Possible answers: He is friendly, speaks Spanish, and makes people want to come back.

5. What are the advantages or disadvantages of working in a family owned business?

Comparative questions and activities

1. If you have a job, write an essay comparing the work you do to the work being done by the Yemeni youths. Include the following:

- How does your job compare to the jobs the Yemeni youths have?
- In what ways does your job impact your life and is it similar to the way the Yemeni youths' jobs impact their lives?

2. If you don’t have a job, write an essay describing how your life would change if you had to work after school.

3. Make a list of skills that the Yemeni American youths learn by working in the family owned stores. Explain how these skills give them an advantage over those who do not get this experience.

Possible Answers: Learning Spanish to better communicate with customers gives them an advantage in the business world. Learning to divide their time between studies and work makes it easier for them to succeed in college and in a career. Developing managerial skills helps them work with others in future jobs.

4. If you had to make a choice to pursue your own career or work in a successful family-owned business, what would you do?

Methodology question
What do you think the interviewer asked the Yemeni youths to get them to talk about their work? Write two questions that could have been asked that led to the responses in the video. One of the questions should be open-ended (a question with no specific answer.) What would you ask them to get information not presented in video?





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