This curriculum module is part of the MEARO website which provides teaching materials and educational resources about Middle Eastern Americans. Three modules are featured to date. The first focuses on the early immigration of Arabs to the United States from 1875 to 1925 and is geared to the middle school History-Social Science instructional program. It also showcases Armenian American and Iranian American literature. The second module, designated for Government coursework in high schools, deals with post-1965 immigration of Middle Easterners to America and post-9/11 discrimination experienced by Arab Americans. It includes a complementary section on Arab American literature.

This third module entitled Voices from the Heartland: Young Yemeni Americans Speak is targeted at the high school English-Language Arts curriculum and serves a dual function. First, it intends to teach high school students the importance and value of interviews and oral histories and how to conduct them. These acquired skills are an integral part of the formative education of young adults and their preparation for higher education and careers in the professions. Secondly, the interviews provide rare insights into America’s agricultural heartland and the rural sector, often overshadowed by the urban sector where most Americans reside. And in the process of getting to know the Yemeni American youths, students can learn about classmates who happen to be Muslim, specifically of their loyalty to family and tradition, and the respect for others that Islam advocates. The value of education, entrepreneurship, and hard work—the hallmarks of success—are exemplified and personified by the Yemeni American youths and their abiding love for both America and their ancestral homeland. What portends for the young Yemeni Americans we have met as they forge ahead in quest of the American dream?

This project was made possible by a grant from the American Institute for Yemeni Studies
funded by the Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State






♦ Retrospectives

♦ Celebrating Ethnicity